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As Bahrain�s infrastructure expands it increases our need for essential water and electricity resources. HPC provides these utilities enabling our country�s growth while ensuring care for its people, community, and the environment.

  HPC can produce 90 million imperial gallons of potable water every day. This quantity of water is enough to fill 164 Olympic size swimming pools or 400 million water bottles.

The company achieves this using technologically advance processes. The water meets the quality standards laid down by the World Health Organisation. HPC is proud to have the most technologically advanced laboratory set up across the GCC. HPC supplies 45% of the water required for Bahrain and performs almost 68 tests to ensure the highest level of quality.

HPC generates almost 1000 MW of power for Bahrain, enough to light up more than 9 million bulbs. The company employs combine cycle technology and uses Alstom GT 13E2 machines to generate electricity. Almost 17.5% of the country's electricity demand is met by HPC.